What is Lustre?

Lustre Pure Light is the only portable blue-light treatment preferred and endorsed by Dr Hilary Jones and the UK’s leading professional acne clinics.

Independent survey by Boots shows that Lustre Pure Light Classic ‘delivers on its promise’ with 93% good to excellent product user approval! Read more…

‘This product is fantastic – I’d recommend it to anyone.’ – Anon

‘Excellent product!!!‘ -Carly

‘Excellent product, saw visible results in a few days. Tried various topical creams and skin pills from my GP but nothing worked, this was a miracle!’ -AliceB23

‘My skin is spot free and I am more happy and confident than ever!’- HurricaneHannah

‘The Lustre machine works better than any antibiotic or topical cream I have been prescribed.’ – jenniferlr.

‘I would be lost without the Lustre device as it’s the only thing thing that has helped with my acne in 20 years!’ – Angela

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